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Under 21 Highest Average Trophy



THE UNDER 21 HIGHEST AVERAGE TROPHY shall be awarded to the shooter, whose age at the start of the season is 21 or under, with the highest average score in both the League and Webley League matches, provided they have shot in 75% of their team's Matches.  (Rule 5.18)



Past Winners:


2020/21 ??????
2020/21 *No Winner
2019/20 Zoe Perkin
2018/19 Lester Langford
2017/18 Lester Langford
2016/17 Lester Langford
2015/16 Lester Langford
2014/15 Joe Powell
2013/14 Haydn Taplin


* The competition was cancelled due to the corona virus outbreak

which affected the 2019/20 and 2020/21 seasons