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The SAGL Open Summer Paper Target League



THE SAGL OPEN SUMMER PAPER TARGET LEAGUE The paper target league will be shot during SAGL’s closed bell target season, running throughout July 2019 and August 2019 on Thursday and Sunday evenings. The range will be at Wilmcote Social Club and will be available from 7:30pm until 10:00pm. The competition is open to any shooter who is a registered member within a bell target shooting league. Entries must be submitted, along with a current league average, to the SAGL match secretary by 2nd July 2019. The target used for the event will be Stratford Airgun League’s adopted paper target (North Hereford). All 8 diagrams on the card will be scored, with a maximum score on each card being 48. The competition can be shot at either 6 or 7 yards, depending on the shooter’s preference. Competitors are required to shoot 5 rounds, each round consisting of 2 paper targets. Shooters must complete each round (2 cards) on the same evening, however more than one round can be shot on any given evening. There is no time limit to shoot each round. All rounds must be completed by Sunday 1st September 2019. All cards must be witnessed and submitted to the official scorer after being shot. Results will be displayed on the SAGL website. The final standings will be announced at the September delegates meeting. An entry fee, determined by the SAGL Committee, will be payable. The competition will be split into 3 classes based on the competitor’s current respective league average. There will be a winner in each class. If a shooter does not submit an average, they will be entered into the highest class (Class A) of the competition. (Rule 5.16)


Classification based on Maximum Score


Max (35)

Max (50)

multiplied by (50/35).

Class A

33.00 and above

47.14 and above

Class B

31.00 - 32.99

44.29 - 47.14

Class C

Below 31.00

Below 44.29



2021-2022 Classification





Past Winners:


  Winner Class A Class B Class C
2019/20 Zoe Perkin Zoe Perkin Ben Drewery Richard Groom
2018/19 Andy Smith Andy Smith Steve Hodges Steve Everett
2017/18 Andy Smith Andy Smith Graham East Chris Adams