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Paper Target Challenge



THE PAPER TARGET CHALLENGE This competition is shot using the adopted paper target from the Triple 6 competition at a distance of 6 yards, with all 8 diagrams on the card counting towards the shooter’s final total. Shooters have to complete 2 cards. The range allows 4 shooters to shoot at once; each card has a time limit of 8 minutes. Shooting will be controlled by a range officer. Shooters are split into 3 classes, with each class having its own trophy. The classes are based on the Baildham averages, with the class cuts being reviewed seasonally by the Committee. Shooters need to have shot at least 2 Baildham average matches (League or Webley) to qualify for the event. Scoring of the cards will done by a nominated official, with his/her decision being final.  (Rule 5.11)





Past Winners:



Winner Class A Class B Class C
2021/22 ?????? ?????? ?????? ??????
2020/21 *No Winners
2019/20 *No Winners
2018/19 Andy Smith Andy Smith Alison McMillan Steve Everett
2017/18 Andy Smith Andy Smith Collin Hayes Derek Powers
2016/17 Andy Smith Andy Smith Paul Clingan Steve Everett
2015/16 Paul Lowe Paul Lowe Ashleigh Clarke Derek Powers


* The competition was cancelled due to the corona virus outbreak

which affected the 2019/20 and 2020/21 seasons