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BACK TO BASICS (B2B) COMPETITION This competition shall be shot in two halves on different targets. One sighter is allowed per shooter on each target with each shooter having 5 counting shots in each half. A maximum time of 5 minutes will be allowed per shooter for each half, including the sighter. Loaders are not permitted, except under special circumstances. A clean bull shall score 5.1. The shooter with the highest aggregate score will be declared the winner.


Shooters are only allowed to use Permitted Accessories including, Dioptre or open sights; Blinder (where attached to the gun); Prescription glasses or lenses; Pellet holders; Gun customisation (e.g. sight raisers, non-standard triggers, weights, etc.).


Non-Permissible Accessories include Specialist clothing specifically designed to aid shooting or supportive clothing e.g. thick leather clothes including Jackets, Coats, Trousers, Boots above the ankle, Gloves and other shooting aids e.g. Headwear (Hats/Visors), Ear plugs or ear defenders (including those for playing music) Shooting Stands, Blinders worn by the shooter. (Rule 5.5).





Past Winners:


2021/22 ??????
2020/21 *No Winner
2020/21 *No Winner
2019/20 Zoe Perkin
2018/19 Jamie Putnam
2017/18 Lester Langford


* The competition was cancelled due to the corona virus outbreak

which affected the 2019/20 and 2020/21 seasons