Week 3



von won their third consecutive match, as did Wilmcote but the latter has consistently achieved higher scores to put them at the top of the league table with Avon in second place.



Avon 190 MEB 167 MEB. were disadvantaged as they had only four shooters and had to rely on two A N Other scores and were unlucky to get off to a poor start. Avon’s Nick Williams and Colin Fulford both started the match with 34s, giving Avon a solid start to the match. Steady shooting from the other team members kept them in the lead to win comfortably.


Binton B 180 Binton A 180. This local derby saw Binton A take the lead with a possible from Andy Smith followed by 33 from Colin Hayes. However, Binton B came back with better scores from its middle ranks including 31s from Chris Green and Tracy Pegg compared to Binton A and a stronger finish from Benn Chamberlain who shot 32 saw the team draw the match.


Wilmcote 201 Avenue 179. Last week, Zoe Perkin accomplished a hat trick of possibles when she shot 35 in each of the three matches this season. Jamie Putnam also shot 35 and Adam Clarke shot 34. As Wilmcote’s first three shooters the team went into an impressive lead over Avenue whose line up included two shooters new to Bell Target this season. Avenue managed to lift their game with 33 from James Wilby and 31s from Jo Everett and Peter Mole. Though they lost the match they had their highest score this season.



Report by Juana Everett, to be published on 26th September 2019