Inter League Matches

& Webley Week 5



uring the shooting season the league selects a pool of its most accurate and consistent shooters to compete in inter league matches against teams from Evesham and Redditch leagues. The second leg against Evesham was held at Offenham RBL, on Monday 21st January when shooters competed shooting from 7 yards. Team Stratford carried a 5 shot lead from the first leg in November, and added another 9 shots on the night to beat the Evesham team by 14 points overall. This gave Stratford its sixth consecutive win, retaining the Avon Challenge trophy.


The Highest scores on the night were from Adie Lewis (Evesham) and Andy Smith (Stratford) who both just missed out on possibles scoring 34s. Nick Williams, Bill Fleming and Will Čemis all scored 33s. Andy Smith secured the Bill Amos trophy for the first time in his career by shooting the highest aggregate score over the two legs.


On Monday 28th January, the inter league competition between the Stratford and Redditch leagues concluded. Shooters were using Redditch rules for this match, eight shooters and six shots each. Stratford held a 6 point advantage from the first leg and shot impressively once again to win on the night and extend the winning margin to 11 points overall. Both Iain Marshall (Redditch) and Andy Smith scored maximums points (30) to match their first leg scores. Chris Reed, Nick Williams, Bill Fleming and Lester Langford all missed just one bull and scored 29.


By winning all 4 of the inter league matches this season, Team Stratford have successfully defended the 'SER'- tri - league trophy.



venue 235 Wilmcote 225. Avenue appeared to be a step behind for most of this match but with a cushion of 23 handicap points shot well including 34 from Alan Crichton and 32 from James Wilby to score better than the team league average. Wilmcote shot very well with 34s from Adam Clarke and Lester Langford and 33 from Jamie Putnam. The match went to the final shooters but with Wilmcote needing an impossible 40 points for a draw Avenue were happy to win.


Binton B 212 Home Guard 206. Binton had six shooters and Home Guard had five for this match. Binton took the lead when Chris Green shot 33 and Steve Hodges shot 32. Home Guard missed one of their most consistent shooters this week and had two par 28 scores. They were giving away five points but shot well to include a 33 from Andy Morris and 31 from Alan Brookes to finish on 206. It proved to be a close match but a final rally from Binton’s Benn Chamberlain who shot 31 and the handicap points brought the team victory with to 212 points.


MEB 223 Binton A 223. Binton A gave away 17 handicap points but from the start they pulled them back bit by bit. Andy Smith shot his seventieth career possible and Will Cemis shot 34 The rest of the team hit only bulls and fours and with an A N Other score of only 27 finished on a very respectable 223 points. MEB shot well on their home target with a couple of loose shots. Rob Dipple’s score of 31 was the highest individual score and the rest of the team had scores around the 30 mark so with the seventeen handicap points the end result was a draw.



Report by Juana Everett, to be published on 7th February 2019