Week 8



EB 218 Avenue 206. After a poor start, MEB went on to a marvellous game with first “TJ” Hooker shooting a personal best of 33 and then Joe Dipple, Rob Dipple and Paul Onions all shot 32 which was also a personal best for Joe Dipple. With eight shooters they dropped their lowest score and the team ended with an individual average score of just over 31 and their highest score this season and a well deserved win. Avenue who are not having a very good season so far trailed for most of the match despite 33 from Alan Crichton and 31 from James Wilby.


Binton B 202 Avon 227. It was Avon’s turn to get the highest team score last week. Avon leading from the start saw Nick Williams who was first to the target achieve his second consecutive possible. Later in the match, Richard Groom shot a season best of 34 which helped give Avon a comfortable lead which they held throughout the match. Binton shooters had a handful of loose threes though four shooters stayed out of the threes they had more difficulty hitting the bull. Best shot was Steve Hodges 31.


Home Guard 218 Wilmcote 224. Both teams had eight shooters for this match. Home Guard started with 33 from Gareth Morris and finished with 34 from Andy Morris but Wilmcote were the more accurate shooters hitting mainly bulls with 34 from Adam Clarke and Lester Langford and 33 from Jamie Putnam. Wilmcote managed to hold on to an early lead and were comfortable winners. Wilmcote have overtaken Binton A as league leaders though both teams have 12 points but Binton have a game in hand.



Report by Juana Everett, to be published on 1st November 2018