Week 8



ome Guard 229 Wilmcote 231. This was the highest scoring match last week. Wilmcote’s Adam Clarke shot his fifth possible this season and both Jamie Putnam and Lester Langford were unlucky to miss one bull each for scores of 34. Home Guard’s Andy Morris also missed one bull for 34. Though Wilmcote gave fourteen handicap points away they shot mainly bulls to win the match to stay top of the Webley table with 12 points from seven matches.


Binton B 217 Avon 220. Binton did well to find three new shooters Rika Martin and Steve Hodges’ family who turned out en mass to form a team last week. Steve shot 30 but it was his son, Ben who topped Binton scores with 32. They also had the comfort of fourteen handicap points but the lack of experience in the side showed through as Avon consistently had scores over 30 to win the match. Nick Williams shot maximum points for the third week running to bring this season’s tally to seven. Alison McMillan shot 33 and Bill Fleming 32.


MEB 208 Avenue 212. This started as a close match with scores even after two shooters but MEB’s Rob Dipple shot a career best 34 to put his team in front. Alan Crichton’s 32 and James Wilby’s 34 saw the match swing in Avenue’s favour. In the final tally Avenue only had five shooters and had to use two A N Other scores and the six point handicap to win by four points.



Report by Juana Everett, to be published on 28th February 2019