Week 3



venue 206 Binton A 222. Avenueís James Wilby and Alan Crichton were the teamís highest scorers with 32 and 33 but with only six shooters Avenue were never any threat to Binton who had eight. Collin Hayes and Andy Smith blazed the trail with 32 and 34 respectively for the Binton team. Michelle Dale and Will Cemis both scored 33 which contributed to a positive win over Avenue.

Avon 225 Home Guard 211. Avonís shooters are proving difficult to beat so far this season. Nick Williams shot 34 for the third week in succession. Steve Ray also missed one bull for 34 and both Bill Fleming and Alison McMillan shot 33s. With 225 points the team had the highest score of the week. Home Guard started well with 34 from Gareth Morris. Alan Brookes shot 32 but the best shot of the night was Andy Morris who got maximum points.


Binton B 210 MEB 197. This match saw some loose shots from shooters on both teams. Binton lead from the start including 31 from new young shooter Ben Hodges and 34 from Chris Green. MEB shot mainly fours but could not push any individual score over 30 and must have been disappointed when the final tally saw them with their lowest score this season.



Report by Juana Everett, to be published on 27th September 2018