Week 7



EB 205 Wilmcote 228. Wilmcote continue to hold the highest team score of the season with another impressive 228 points which gave them an easy win over MEB. Lester Langford one of the League’s younger shooters shot his second possible this season and John Maycock, one of the League’s veteran shooters got a season best score of 33. MEB had a few loose threes amongst their scores but staying out of the threes, TJ Hooker shot a season best of 31.


Binton B 211 Binton A 222. Binton A continued their challenge for League champions and remain top of the table, with their 6th consecutive win against Binton B. Shooting only bulls and fours and with 34s from Andy Smith and Will Cemis and 33s from Chris Reed and Michelle Dale, the team had no difficulty winning this match. Binton B for the main part of the match shot fours and bulls just not as many as the opposition. Joe Powell was their top shot with 32, Angie Powell shooting for the first time this season managed 30 and the League’s youngest shooter Ben Hodges shot a respectable 30 for the third time this season.


Avon 222 Avenue 200. Avon led throughout this match, shooting on their home target definitely proving an advantage. Nick Williams shot his first possible this season, of his eleven career possibles eight have been on this target. Steve Ray shot his second possible this season both of them on this target. Avenue missing two of their regular shooters struggled to find the bull with only three of their shooters managing to avoid the threes altogether. Steve Garlick had the best shot with 32. Both teams had an A N Other score to reach the finally tally.



Report by Juana Everett, to be published on 25th October 2018