Senior Shield


Webley Week 3



inton Social Club hosted the annual competition for the Senior Shield last Tuesday. Open to shooters aged 45 or over on the day of the competition. It is shot in two halves on different targets (A and B) and shooters have five pellets on each target. A clean bull scores 5.1 points.


Only eight shooters took part this year. There were seven bulls shot on target A with Steve Hodges and Chris Green getting two each to give them 22.1 points. Target B was more generous with sixteen bulls scored which included four by Paul Clingan who topped the scores with 24.1 points. When the points were totalled from both targets and bonus points were added for the over 60 year olds there were three shooters with 44.2 points who went into a final shoot off.


Steve Everett ended up coming third with 42 points: Michelle Dale finished second with 45.3 points and John Maycock won the Shield for the fourth time with 46.2 points.



venue 231 Binton A 232 In the Webley League matches it was the Binton A team who had the highest score last Thursday shooting eight points better than the previous week. They gave Avenue twenty three handicap points but throughout the match Avenue saw them gradually reduced starting with Andy Smith getting maximum points. James Wilby shot 33 for Avenue but with two team members missing they had to include two A N Other par 28s in their total which was not much good against 34s from Michelle Dale and Will Cemis and 33s a season best score from Andrew Radbourne and then Collin Hayes. They had their fingers crossed they could scrape a win but Bintonís final shooter sealed the match to give Binton a win by just one point.


Avon 226 Home Guard 223 Avon had six shooters and Home Guard five for this match which started on an even keel with 34s from Bill Fleming and Tim Stephens. Nick Williams shot his fourth possible this week to give Avon the lead and later in the match Steve Ray shot his third possible which pulled back seven of the nine handicap points given to Home Guard. Alison McMillan, Avonís last shooter scored 33 against one of the A N Other scores of 28 taking back the last of the handicap points to give Avon victory and to take them to the top of the Webley League.


Binton B 200 MEB 205 Binton B were short of a full team and with only one handicap point available to them needed to shoot well on the night. Chris Green shot 32, the only team member shooting over 30 but with two scores less than par, it was a disappointing performance which left the door open for MEB. It has to be said that both teams had several loose shots but MEB scored better including Rob Dippleís 31 and more scores just under 30 they managed to win.



Report by Juana Everett, to be published on 24th January 2019