Week 7



here were only two matches last Thursday as Binton B were unable to find the minimum number of shooters needed to shoot their match against Binton A and decided to forfeit the match rather than re-arrange it.



Avenue 232 Avon 229. The home team started well with 33 from Bill Fleming followed by Nick Williams’ sixth possible this season which gave them a seven point lead over Avenue. James Wilby’s 33 and a season best shot of 32 from Steve Everett stopped Avenue from sustaining loss of further points. Avon mounted a last volley with their final three shooters Karl McMillan 33, Steve Ray 32 and Alison McMillan 33 to bring their total score to 229. Avenue’s Alan Crichton was unlucky to miss one bull for a season best score of 34 for the third time in this competition. Avenue with only six shooters and an A N Other score of 28 ended on 213 and were glad of the handicap points to bring them a win with 232 points which turned out to be the highest team score last week.


MEB 221 Wilmcote 227. MEB also fielded six shooters against the high scoring Wilmcote team. Jamie Putnam started the visitors off with 34, the start of a sustained attack on the less able and accurate MEB and the eighteen handicap points. MEB’s highest scorer was Rob Dipple with 32 then Paul Onions 31. Wilmcote hit only bulls and fours for 227 points including 34 from Sammy Skye Unit. Also included in the Wilmcote team was new shooter Zoe Perkin who shot 34. New to Bell Target shooting but an accomplished shooter, Zoe’s abilities were highlighted last October when she was
selected for the Great Britain talent squad for rifle shooting. This gave Wilmcote a safe win.


Wilmcote having lost only one match are top of the Webley League table with 10 points. Avenue and Avon are next with 8 points with Avenue having the team match point advantage.



Report by Juana Everett, to be published on 21st February 2019