Week 2



inton A 226 Wilmcote 224. Binton started the season in style with the highest team score of the week and maximum points for Michelle Dale, her fifteenth career possible. Andy Smith was unlucky to miss one bull for 34 and Will Cemis shot 33. Wilmcote shot solidly with 34 from Lester Langford and Paul Clingan and after seven shooters were in the lead by just one point with 194. However both teams had eight shooters and at the end of the match, both teams ended on 253 points but at the final tally having dropped the lowest of their eight scores it was Binton who came out winners.


MEB 205 Avon 220. Avon led from the start, hitting only bulls and fours including 34 for Nick Williams and 33s for Alison McMillan and Steve Ray. MEB had a few loose threes but hit mainly fours seemingly having trouble finding the bull. Their top shot was Allan Stewart with 32.


Home Guard 215 Avenue 199. Avenue had a poor start but 32 from James Wilby and 33 from Alan Crichton improved their position so that after four shooters they were only trailing by one point. Home Guard had a stronger finish and Avenue saw the match slip away from them. Andy Morris shot six bulls and was unfortunate that his last shot went into the fours for 34 points.

After two weeks Avon top the League table with 4 points and an average of 223.50. Binton A with a game in hand, Wilmcote, Home Guard and MEB all have 2 points and Binton B and Avenue have yet to win a match.



Report by Juana Everett, to be published on 20th September 2018