Week 14



t was a nail biting end to the Webley Shield League matches which saw two local derby matches between the teams based at Binton and Wilmcote won or lost by a single point and Avenue win the Shield when they won their match and Wilmcote lost theirs.


Avenue 228 Avon 222. Avon’s Nick Williams started the match off with his ninth possible this season and Alison McMillan finished the match with 34 points and in between Steve Ray shot 32 and three shooters shot 31s. Avenue did not start well but Steve Garlick’s 33 encouraged the team to press on and they did getting five more points than their League average, including 34 for Alan Crichton. Avenue had only six shooters and with an A N Other score and the handicap points they won the match by six points. This gave them 18 points and nudged Wilmcote off the top slot when the team shooting averages were taken into account.


Wilmcote 231 MEB 232. Wilmcote’s top shooters did well again but not quite as well as last week when four of them Jamie Putnam, Adam Clarke, Zoe Perkin, and Lester Langford were unlucky to miss one bull for scores of 34. MEB had a couple of loose three on the score card but enough bulls to give them a total score six better than their league average. TJ Hooker equalled his personal best score of 33 and Rob Dipple shot 32 but it was the handicap which won the match for MEB by one point.


Binton A 228 Binton B 229. This local derby match started well for Binton A with maximum points for Andy Smith for the tenth time this season followed by 34 from Will Cemis then 33 from Gary Hooper. Andrew Radbourne shot a career best of 34. They finished on 228 points. Binton B had the comfort of eighteen handicap points and scores of 32 from Steve Hodges and Benn Chamberlain and 31s from three other team members who kept the majority of their shots tight came out winners by just one point.



Report by Juana Everett, to be published on 16th May 2019