Webley - Week 9 &

SAGL Paper Target Challenge



ebley League matches resumed last week when Wilmcote were at home to Binton A. Wilmcote shooters did particularly well with three getting maximum points. Jamie Putnam and Lester Langford both shot their fourth 35 this season and their recent recruit Zoe Perkin, an accomplished shooter in other indoor shooting disciplines shot her first bell target possible. The team not unexpectedly had the highest team score with 232 points. Binton A’s Andy Smith also shot a possible in this match and Gary Hooper was unlucky to miss one bull for 34 but with such a sterling performance from Wilmcote the final result 232 – 220 was a well deserved win to keep them top of the Webley league.


Avenue were at home to Home Guard who got off to a strong start with Gareth Morris only missing one bull for 34. Alan Crichton kept Avenue in the match with 32 and James Wilby’s second possible this season put Avenue in front. Their final shooter Steve Garlick with 33 took the scores level but the handicap points gave Avenue a win 219 – 212 to remain in second place in the league table.


Bill Fleming got his fourth career possible but his first this season when Avon were visited by MEB. Nick Williams and Alison McMillan unluckily missed a bull each for 34s. MEB for the main part kept their shots tight including 33 from Rob Dipple and with 31s from Allan Stewart, Marc Anderton and Steph Ford and the comfort of thirteen handicap points won the match 226 – 219 points.



Turnout for the Paper Target Challenge on Sat 9 March was disappointing but shooters did enjoy the evening. Andy Smith was the overall winner for the third consecutive year with 94 points out of a possible 96. Alison McMillan won Class B with 76 points and Steve Everett Class C also with 76 points.



Report by Juana Everett, to be published on 14th March 2019