Week 6



ilmcote 229 Avon 226. Both teams fielded the maximum eight shooters for this match which got off to a high scoring start with 33 from Bill Fleming (Avon) and a third possible this season for Jamie Putnam (Wilmcote). Not to be out done, Avonís Nick Williams shot his fifth possible this season to give his team a one point lead after two shooters. Adam Clarke unfortunately missed one bull but with 34 Wilmcote took the lead by one point. Their shooters kept on the pressure and their shots tight to increase their lead. All eight scores gave Wilmcote 259 and Avon 249 but both sides had to scratch their lowest score and Wilmcote gave away five handicap points which left a final score of 229 to 226. Avonís winning streak was ended and Wilmcote won the match. However despite the loss Avon still stay top of the league on team averages.


Binton A 221 Home Guard 222. Binton had to give thirteen handicap points to Home Guard but with seven shooters to Home Guardís depleted team of only five they could win if on top form. Binton took the lead when Andy Smith missed one bull for 34 and was backed up with Will Cemisí second possible this season. Pressing on, Neil Beningfield shot a season best to give Binton a nine point lead after five shooters. Home Guard trailed throughout though Alan Brookes and Andy Morris both got respectable scores of 32. Two A N Other scores of 28 took their tally to 209 which left Bintonís final two shooters needing 48 plus the handicap 61 points between them to win the match. Andrew Radbourne managed 31 of them but Alan Dyer unluckily shot a three with the result that Home Guard won the match by one point.


Avenue 204 Binton B 209. Avenue secured a narrow lead with a season best of 31 for Steve Everett and 33 from Alan Crichton. Binton grabbed it back with a season and career best of 33 for Ben Hodges followed by 31 from both Steve Hodges and Benn Chamberlain. Both teams had some loose shots and with six a-side had to add in a fictitious shooter score of 28. Even with the five point handicap Avenue lost the match at the final tally.



Report by Juana Everett, to be published on 14th February 2019