Week 13



ith only one more match to shoot in the league it looks as if Wilmcote might retain the L C Docker League Cup. For some weeks now they have jointly, with Binton A, topped the league table with both teams having only lost one match all season but the rules determine the matter in the event of a tie on team averages. Whilst Wilmcote have frequently had the highest team score, Binton A went two points better last week which put them only o.82 behind on averages. A supreme effort tonight (13 Dec) could give them the trophy.


Avon 221 Wilmcote 230. Another high scoring week for Wilmcote which included 35 for Adam Clarke, his second possible this season and 33 for Lester Langford, Jamie Putnam, Sammy Skye Unit, Graham East and Paul Clingan. Avonís Nick Williams and Alison McMillan were unlucky to miss out on maximum points missing one bull each for scores of 34 and Steve Ray shot 33.


Binton B 210 Avenue 198. Avenue once more were unable to field a full team of seven shooters and got off to a poor start from which they never recovered. Only two of their shooters James Wilby and Alan Crichton stayed out of the threes for scores of 33 and 32 respectively. Binton shot more consistently to include a 32 from promising new young shooter Ben Hodges.


Home Guard 216 Binton A 232. Home Guard stalwarts Gareth and Andy Morris shot very well but missed one bull for 34s but Bintonís team with more experienced members pressed on regardless. Michelle Dale who is celebrating her 25th year shooting for the team shot maximum points and Chris Reed was only one point behind her. Andy Smith, Collin Hayes and Will Cemis all shot 33 which at the final counting gave Binton the highest team score this week.


Wilmcote Sports and Social Club continue to hold practice nights every Sunday and a warm welcome is extended to anyone wishing to try out this demanding sport. It really is not as easy as it looks, or might sound. If you like a challenge come and meet us or for more information check out our website www.sagl.co.uk or contact Jo Langford on 01789 267093 or joannalangford@gmail.com


Report by Juana Everett, to be published on 13th December 2018