Norman Dale Cup &

Webley Week 11



here was limited appeal this year for the Norman Dale Cup competition which had only six entrants. Peter Mole and Joe Dipple were both unlucky to leave the competition in the two quarter final matches. Ben Hodges and Karl McMillan both got byes into the semi final rounds where Hodges eliminated “T J” Hooker and McMillan saw off the challenge from Richard Mills a former winner of the trophy. It was a close final which saw both shooters get two fours then clean bulls. They then both shot three fours and a bull. McMillan’s bull was dirty and he finished on 30.1 points but a clean bull for Hodges one of the youngest shooters in the league gave him 30.2 points and he won the trophy in his first season of competitive bell target shooting.




ilmcote topped the team scores again in the Webley Shield League including two maximum scores from Jamie Putnam and Lester Langford their fifth possibles this season. Adam Clarke and Zoe Perkin both missed just one bull each for 34s. They also gave Binton B nineteen handicap points which were needed as Binton only had five shooters. Benn Chamberlain shot 32 and Chris Green and Steve Hodges shot 31s but it was not quite good enough with Wilmcote winning the match 230 to 228 points.


Avon’s Nick Williams shot his eighth possible and Steve Ray his fiftieth career possible in their match against Binton A who had only six shooters and had to give four handicap points away. Andy Smith led his team getting his eighth possible this season. Michelle Dale and Andrew Radbourne both shot 33s and Binton ended on 219 points. Avon’s full team and the handicap gave them victory with 225 points.


MEB had eight shooters for their match against Home Guard who had six. They also had a four point handicap. Rob Dipple was MEB’s top shot with 32 but though Home Guard started well with 34 from Gareth Morris and led the match at the final tally MEB came out winners with 211 to 209 points.



Report by Juana Everett, to be published on 18th April 2019