Week 1



he first matches for the Webley Shield took place last week. In this league competition, teams are handicapped in accordance with their League average score for the current season. The team with the highest average being the scratch team. The handicap is calculated by taking the lowest average score from the higher of the two teams drawn against each other. The difference, to the nearest whole number, is then added to the score of the team with the lower average. High scoring Wilmcote team, winners of the League Cup will be giving handicap points to every team in the league and Avenue with the lowest team score will be given points by every team to create level playing fields.


Wilmcote 229 Home Guard 226. Wilmcote again got the highest team score to win against Home Guard who could only muster five shooters for the match and had to rely on two A N Other scores of 28 to make up a team of seven. Paul Clingan (Wilmcote) and Andy Morris (Home Guard) both shot 34s but the visitors sorely missed Gareth Morris to lose the match by two points despite the handicap of 14 points.


Avon 225 Binton B 218. Avon also gave a handicap of 14 points to Binton but with eight shooters they still seemed determined to win this match shooting only fours and bulls which included Steve Ray and Alison McMillan both shooting 34 and 33 from Nick Williams they pulled back the handicap to give them a win. Binton had a few threes on the target to bring their scores below their averages. Their best shot was Benn Chamberlain with 31.


Avenue 219 MEB 202. This match was close until MEB had used up all their five shooters and with two A N Other scores of 28 they had to settle for 202 points. The match became Avenue’s when Alan Crichton and James Wilby both shot 34. They won without the need of their handicap entitlement.



Report by Juana Everett, to be published on 10th January 2019