Week 9



ilmcote 225 Binton A 218. This match would decide whether Wilmcote would stay top of the league or Binton A who have not lost a match so far this season would replace them. Binton shooting first started well with 33 and 34 from Chris Reed and Andy Smith respectively. This gave them a small lead despite Jamie Putnam scoring maximum points. The Wilmcote team which included 33 from Graham East and Paul Clingan, turned out to be the more accurate shooters on the night shooting only bulls and fours. Binton had good scores from Michelle Dale and Will Cemis in particular but with four threes include in the score card Wilmcote came out winners in the end to stay top of the league with Binton still in second place. However Bintonís challenge for the league cup continues as they still have a game in hand so itís not all over yet.


Avenue 204 Home Guard 222. Home Guardís Gareth Morris started this match off with 34 and shooting only fours and bulls the rest of the team shot well. Their final shooter Andy Morris put in seven bulls for his second possible this season which became his 50th career possible. At the final tally 222 turned out to be Home Guardís highest score this season and their performance left Avenue in their wake. Avenueís James Wilby almost got his second possible missing just one bull for 34 and Alan Crichton shot 33 but it has to be said the rest of the team could have done better.


Avon 215 MEB 214. This match turned out to be closer than both teams expected. MEBís TJ Hooker was up first and shot a career and season best of 33 for the second week in succession to get MEB off to a solid start. Nick Williams for Avon went one better with 34. After four shooters the scores were level. Avon nudged ahead and after their sixth and final shooter, Alison McMillan shot 33, Avon were six points in the lead. With an A N Other score of 28 Avonís total was 215. MEB had eight shooters altogether and 32 from their final shooter, Paul Onions brought their total to 242 but after dropping the lowest score they finished a close second on 214 points, the teams highest score this season.



Report by Juana Everett, to be published on 8th November 2018